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Claire Russell

Claire Russell

Claire's solo channel swim.



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In 2012 I became personally aware of the work done by our local hospice. 

My mother was receiving palliative care from the hospice team, and the whole family were wonderfully supported through the transition as mum lost the battle to bowel cancer in May 2012.  I was so impressed with the way they supported my parents leading up to mums death and the care that they continued to provide for my father as he came to terms with his loss. Mum particularly enjoyed the reflexology and pampering sessions. Dad appreciated having lunch with the support group afterwards. 

I was shocked to hear how the hospice was funded. Only 20% government funding. The remainder has to be raised from charitable giving. 

My channel swim is a way of saying thankyou, but also to keep the service going for those needing it currently... And who knows when we may need them again for a family member? 

So channel swimming... 

My window is booked for 20th-27th July. Support boat is the Sea Leopard with Stuart Gleeson. The swim is weather dependant so the day of departure will not be confirmed until 6pm the night before. 

Abiding to the  Channel Swimming Association rules, it will be an unassisted swim in just a swimming costume, hat and goggles.

My amazing support crew are Ali, Sarah and Pam - all experienced marathon swimmers themselves. It will be their job to throw me Scooby snacks and help me to keep going when the going gets tough. 

I've always enjoyed marathon swimming, but this is definitely my biggest challenge yet.  Training is going well and is set to step significantly up when I join the Dover training team in May. Weekends will be a thing of the past until it's all over! 

I'd be delighted if you would support me, by supporting the Heart of Kent hospice.

Thank you